PaddyPower Betting - No.1 Irish Betting Company

Why place your bets with PaddyPower betting?

PaddyPower is Ireland's biggest bookmaker.
PaddyPower's parent company, Paddy Power plc., is listed on both the London Stock Exchange and Irish Stock Exchange. PaddyPower are the first major Irish bookmaker to venture into internet betting and they believe that the continual product innovation and customer service that PaddyPower are renowned for will make a leading player in the internet betting market.

A particularly distinctive feature of betting with PaddyPower betting is the special terms ("Specials") Paddypower offer on some bets. On average they have 2 specials on the site at any given time. These are usually displayed in the homepage on the left-hand menu bar.

One of PaddyPower betting popular specials is "The Red Card Special". In this instance Paddypower refund all losing bets if a red card is issued during the match in question. Another was the "Shoot Tiger and you are out of the Woods", where on the British Open Paddypower betting refunded losing bets on 23 players who beat Tiger Woods but who failed to win the tournament.

A dedicated customer service team is located at Paddypower's head office in Dublin to handle any problems that you may experience when using the site. Paddy Power betting customer service lines are open from 8.00am-midnight Monday to Saturday and 10.00am-midnight on Sunday.